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Custom Gun Cases
Gun Case Repair


Case is awesome     many thanks.          Jamie Macleod - Hants UK

 Had a lot of compliments on the quality of the work you did.

Thanks again.

Massey Lopes - Devon UK

The cases arrived safely.    I have to say the quality is simply outstanding, I am delighted.In a world of mass production, to see such quality and craftsmanship is a real delight. Many thanks.

Rob Mears - CEO










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Oak and leather

Oak and leather gun cases are made to the traditional English pattern embodying over 100 years of heritage. A gun case to give your best shotgun or rifle the protection and presentation that it deserves. These gun cases hark back to the 1st half of the 20th century when  English shotguns and double rifles were cased in the Oak & leather style.

There is no doubt that an Oak & leather gun case will enhance the  value of any good quality shotgun or double rifle.


Lightweight style gun cases are designed for your everyday use where you do not want or need the weight and presentation of an Oak & leather gun case. The lightweight gun cases are very robust and are made in various styles to suit your specific needs.

You can have a lightweight gun case fitted in an Oak & leather style to enhance the presentation of your gun. Or, just have a simple fit for use in the field.

Cartridge Magazine
Cartridge Magazines can be made in any size and style. Oak & leather or Lightweight and fitted to carry either shotgun cartridges or metallic cartridges. Or, if you wish, a magazine could carry both. For instance, if you have a shotgun drilling and need one magazine for all the ammunition.
Drinks cases
These drinks cases and cabinet are unique to Casecraft. Designed by us in response to requests for something "different". Large to small, all made to the highest standards of craftsmanship. You can request a case to hold your own glasses or we can include beautiful lead crystal glass which can be engraved, for instance, with a corporate logo or family crest. Others copy where Casecraft leads, so always choose the original.

Canvas, gun case covers

We make two styles of canvas and leather case covers. For Oak & leather gun cases we follow the traditional pattern of using solid blocked ends bound in leather. The case straps are fitted through hand stitched loops, on the outside of the cover. The cover is held closed by three leather straps/brass buckles and gunmetal finish poppers. The overall effect is one of excellent protection to your case.

Lightweight style gun cases have a simpler type of cover using the same canvas as the Oak & leather style. The corners are reinforced with leather and the case straps are fitted onto the case, under the cover. The cover is held closed by gunmetal finish poppers.

Easier to open and close and offering a level of protection for everyday use, these covers are perfect for your lightweight case.


Special Projects

Special projects are usually one off exclusive designs but may also have been made in short runs for specific clients.

They range from cabinets and cases to leather goods items. But the range is only limited by your desires.

If you are looking for ideas then this is the place to go. Projects will constantly be added to the site so keep returning to see if there is anything new to catch your imagination.

When you see something that inspires you to an idea, then come to Casecraft to discuss changing your idea into reality.

Gun Accessories and Tools

No case is complete without the very best in accessories and cleaning tools. They are of the very highest quality and enhance the looks of the gun and case. These tools will last you a lifetime and beyond.

The list is not exhaustive. I will add more photos as they become available so contact me for anything that is not shown. There is a large range, all made to order.

Currently, (as of July 07) the toolmaker that I have worked with for almost 30 years has decided to semi-retire, so I cannot take orders foe these superb gun case tools

Special Offers        

From time to time there will be items here which are offered to attract your interest . They may have been used, have slight imperfections, cancelled orders or even one off, high quality prototypes. The price will reflect the condition of the work and everything will be fully described. 



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