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Case is awesome     many thanks.          Jamie Macleod - Hants UK

 Had a lot of compliments on the quality of the work you did.

Thanks again.

Massey Lopes - Devon UK

The cases arrived safely.    I have to say the quality is simply outstanding, I am delighted.In a world of mass production, to see such quality and craftsmanship is a real delight. Many thanks.

Rob Mears - CEO











All the tools on this page are produced by Mike Marsh, whom I consider to be one of the best tool makers in the world. I have worked with Mike's tools for many years and always found them to be of the very highest quality.

As I get more photos the range will expand. Meanwhile, if you want a tool that is not shown then contact me to see if it is in the range that Mike makes. Click on a thumbnail picture to view a larger version.

Rifle rod - Horn

3 Pc. rifle cleaning rod. The rod is nickel silver with a polished, Buffalo horn handle, incorporating a swivel so that the patch or brush will follow the rifling.Also available in brass with Ebony handle.

Two piece, shotgun cleaning rod with removeable handle

This two piece cleaning rod is made in Ebony and nickel silver.

The separate handle is black Buffalo Horn and can also be used as the handle for a chamber brush. This will save space in a case by using one handle for two tools.

The handle is also available in Ebony with brass ferrules.

Horn & nickel silver Chamber Brush

This chamber brush uses the detachable handle shown with the two piece cleaning rod. Also available in brass and Ebony.

Horn, striker block

Polished, Buffalo horn striker block. For releasing striker springs when gun is stored.

Horn turnscrew

London pattern, Horn handle turnscrew. These turnscrews have hardened, hollow ground blades and are custom made to suit the screw slot size. For gunmakers, a trade name can be stamped into the blade. Also available in Ebony.

Set of three turnscrews

It is usual to have two or three turnscrews in a case to fit all of the screw sizes. This set is with polished, Buffalo horn handles. Also available in Ebony.

Striker Key

Best guns usually have disc set strikers. This key is used to remove the disc for changing strikers or springs. There are two types, peg or slot. This photo shows the peg style. Buffalo horn handle. Also available in Ebony.

Striker Key

This Horn handled striker key is for the slot type discs.

Also available in Ebony and brass.

Oil bottle

Oil bottle with dipper in bright nickel plate. Dia. 1.6" (40.60mm).Also in polished brass. Can be stamped with gunmaker name (Trade only).

Patch pot

Patch or grease pot finished in bright nickel plate. Dia. 1.6" (40.60mm). Also in polished brass. Can be stamped with gunmaker name (Trade only).

Ivory pot for spare strikers

These pots are for storage of the spare strikers that are usually supplied with best guns.

Available in "fake Ivory" and bright nickel finish.

The "fake Ivory" is a good idea if you are taking your guns to a country where Elephant based products could be confiscated.

Rifle, snap caps.

Rifle snap caps, custom made to any calibre. These are in nickel silver but are also available in brass. Can be stamped with gunmaker name (Trade only).

Shotgun snap caps

Horn & nickel silver snap caps. Also available in brass and Ebony.

Sizes from .410 to 8 bore.


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