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Case is awesome     many thanks.          Jamie Macleod - Hants UK

 Had a lot of compliments on the quality of the work you did.

Thanks again.

Massey Lopes - Devon UK

The cases arrived safely.    I have to say the quality is simply outstanding, I am delighted.In a world of mass production, to see such quality and craftsmanship is a real delight. Many thanks.

Rob Mears - CEO










Re-fitting old cases to a change of gun or stock alteration. Maybe the case is "tired" and needs to be totally renovated. You might need a new handle and straps. These are the parts of an old case which tend to wear out due to the constant use.

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Here is a case which has had new straps and handle. A wash, wax and polish to put some life back into the leather. Finally a total re-fit for a pair of guns.

Key Benefits

  • Sympathetic restoration.                 Click on picture to view
  • A new lease of life to an old case.         This example shows a re-fitted case to  the original pattern, for a Mortimer 12b hammer gun and accessories.         



Re-fitting can be either partial or full. Partial re-fits tend to be more repair than anything else.

The leather on the outside of a case can, in most instances, be brought back to its former glory by the careful application of cleaning, feeding and stitching. The only time that leather cannot be fully renovated is when rot has set in and the surface is dry and crumbling. Usually the rot can be stopped but permanent damage will always be present.

 It is not recommended to clean the brass fittings on a case because you lose that wonderful patina built up over many years. Just a wipe with clean water and some saddle soap will remove dirt and leave the patina intact.

Capability 1
Strip out and totally re-fit a case using new wood and 100% wool cloth to give the case a new lease of life.
Capability 2
Repair or partially re-fit a case to sympathetically match the original fitting, where possible.
Capability 3
 Total external renovation with leather repair, wash, wax and polish.Including new straps and handle, if required. An old case with one strap missing and the handle hanging off can easily be treated with some TLC to give many more years of service.


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